Sheikh Da Cize is titillating you…

Guys I’m leaving U.A.E. soon so there is no reason for me to continue Emirates In Style! I spend 5 years here and I’ve seen the up and down of the region which was great!

I’m leaving for professional reasons mainly! For me it will remain a good experience…

With Emirates In Style I tried to share a little bit of my culture in a country that need to open up and with 150+ readers a day in some way I’m sure I manage to do so! So for the people who like what I like come to follow me on as it is where I will share my journey!

I love you all! Peace, Love, Unity and Have fun!


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New acquisition by the Dubai Royal…

Well this is probably one of my last post here so if I upset the royal family I’m sorry but all comes from Luxist not me…

Here is the new acquisition it seems of the Dubai Royal Family with their hard earn cash! A little penthouse in Monaco for only 308 Millions Dollars…

Here is the location:

The dining room

The library

The master bedroom

What I prefer is the Terrace…

But now I have a question! How on earth this is a good investment? For the same amount you have a nice hotel that should give you a good return! How is this penthouse will? You gonna rent it?

Anyhow I’m just a small French guy on his way home who after 5 years hasn’t understood the logic!

If I’m around Monaco I’ll pass by to discuss… promise…

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Kelly Slater Vs Parillo on the Mat!

Vitor Belort, BJ Penn, Kelly Slater and Jason Parillo! What else can you ask to have fun!

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The tour… stage 2…

La Rochelle, Royan and l”Ile de Re! Google it if you don’t know where it is…

Bonus pic: I didn’t find it in Paris… it was on holidays in l’Ile de Re!

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Next holidays… a Helloooo thing

Next year I promise we go together surfing… or this winter…

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Skate Shanghai…

Legion of Sorts & Vans: One Week in Shanghai is a cool video in a cool city… so I share it!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Emirates in Style on tour… stage 1

So as I told you I’m just back from my holidays! No big stories about it so I will just put 5 pics per stage!

1st one Paris!

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