Wakeboard cable in Abu Dhabi!!!!!

Yes there we go!!! We gonna have a waterski cable means a Wakeboard cable in ABU DHABI!!!! I’m so excited!

I hope the atmosphere will be the same as we had in Cergy back in the days! Well it’s such a good news! Look what we will be able to do at the cable that is located on Yas Island below! By the way I just don’t know when it’s gonna open! 😦



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26 responses to “Wakeboard cable in Abu Dhabi!!!!!

  1. hus

    do you hav any details on the cable park? are there any details published… size, pics etc?

  2. emiratesinstyle

    Well no news yet….

  3. Walsh

    Any news about the cable? Opening dates etc??

    • emiratesinstyle

      Walsh I’m sorry I really don’t know… I assume not too far from now as they are hiring wake instructors!

  4. Hmmm looks like some one finaly did listen to my idea’s, wonder who it is, have been working on getting a cable here in this country for a long time.

    Could you please give me the info from where you have this news that this cable would finaly be build, in that way I can make sure that it will happen.

    Thanks, all the best.


    • emiratesinstyle

      Hi Chris, the cable is supposed to open sometimes in september or so in Khalifa city!
      I can’t remember who open it but it’s the best of the best from as far as I heard! If you want more info contact Rudi (You probably know him) or Fabien…

  5. Tom Clark

    Any ideas where i can go to apply for a job? I work at a cable in England now and would be very keen to get myself out to the sunshine……

  6. sven

    The cables are built up now. It is a big cable parc with one 5 mast cable, one 6 mast cable and a 2 tower BRO cable. One cable is turning left, one right. They have cool obstacles and plenty of facilities arround! So this will be the number one worldwide. Now they wait only for the lakes to be filled up with water.

    • emiratesinstyle

      Hey Sven that sound like the place I will spend time at! Can you tell me more about it like location price so everybody here can warm up for it?

      • sven

        Hi- the site is between the Abu Dhabi Golf club and the cricket stadium.
        It is a big sports facility with additional Kart track, paintball, Polo, Shooting club etc etc.

      • emiratesinstyle

        That sound very nice! Let me know when we can start testing it!


        Sounds like we can continue enjoying what we have started from CWC in Camarines Sur, Philippines. We’ll be waiting to test it. The video above is from the Philippines. Cheers. Romi

      • emiratesinstyle

        Eh of course it’s Lolo in Camsur! Philippines are the Mecca of wakeboard now! Abu Dhabi can’t compete in my opinion but it will still be very nice!

        I just hope that they finally finish and open!

  7. Hey guys…
    are there any news now about the cable… when will it be opened??
    i moved to dubai in the beginning of this year and stopped wakeboarding there because i had no information about a cable there… fantastic news!!!
    see you on the water.

  8. are there any news regarding the cable???
    i was there 3 weeks ago to have a look , but they didnt let me enter at the gate…

  9. Bhimboy


    how about the cable park in yas is it for real???if its true to apply to operator?? tnx

  10. phyllis

    can someone tell me whether it is open and where is the location. Perhaps a tel.no will help also

  11. boboy borras

    if you want to apply operator post, you need to ask to Myo first…And then send your cv to Fabien..

  12. vitor queiros

    hey emiratesinstyle can you give me the contact of the cable? my e-mail is vitor_queiros@hotmail,com
    best regards

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