Modern Art Museum of Dubai


When Abu Dhabi will have the Guggenheim and the Louvre, Dubai will have the Museum of Mordern Art of the Middle East.

As per the information there will be a galleria, shopping centre and hotel attached to it! Not surprising that there will be a shopping centre and a hotel but I start getting fed up of this set up!

Anyway the building is cool and if you want more check Dezeen



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2 responses to “Modern Art Museum of Dubai

  1. marverde

    wow! really looks great… everything in Dubai looks great…

    although… i’ve read in the latest news that Dubai opened friday, the artificial island and the 30.000 euro / night hotel, and the aquarium with 1000 exotic fishes and all that, with the largest firework show ever seen by human. And all this, when the whole world is in a global economicaly crisis. The german televisions categorized this action as “awfull”…

  2. emiratesinstyle

    They plan the opening of Atlantis (The hotel) more than a year ago so we were not talking about the credit crunch at this time! Cancelling everything would have been even more waist of money and a lot of supplier wouldn’t have been paid!
    On top of that the rooms doesn’t cost 30000euros but an average of 400 which is quite usual for 5* hotel around the world!
    Also the hotel have created 4000 jobs so is it awful I don’t think so! But it seems trendy to say that Dubai and the Emirates are collapsing…

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