What is Nike plan?

I always been a real Nike and Jordan fan but lately haven’t been able to follow a lot of their choices in terms of style and shape. What do you think of the below from their 2009 Holiday line and current model ?


This Huarache x AM90 have such a wrong colorway associated with a very bad elephant print! Just forget it

The AM1 hybrid trainer have something that should make me cop it but the Blazer is not interesting and the AM90 x

Free x Huarache is closer to Frankenstein then anything I would wear.


This AM1 Flywire could have done it but taking the AMS sole and adding this “Cheap” looking upper just don’t make it. I hope it’s a Parra collabo so you will sell them a lot!


Then those Air Jordan 60+! Oh my good! What went wrong with you guys? Ok people buy everything but common’ it’s the Lamborghini SUV mixed with the Fiat Panda this thing!

Look at what your competitor are doing in the meantime:

Very nice Beckham Originals, good subtle color way and materials (From Solebox):


Or those NB worn by canibalhymn from sneakers.fr

Canibal NB

Honestly if things doesn’t change my few dollars will go somewhere else (it already started in fact!)


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