T shirt in the emirates…

Ok in the Emirates the tee shirt that my friend from the Vinypushers love cannot be worn! In case you end up in the middle of the night after clubbing (and a few drink in the nose it seems) arguing about it you can finish in jail (See the group about it here)!

However a Tee Shirt with Tony Montana aka Scarface is on the first page of a magazine (that you can pick in the street) with quite a nice person on it isn’t it?


So having a tee shirt with an actor representing a drug dealer is better than wearing a tee against cancer with a half naked woman? You tell me… 😉


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One response to “T shirt in the emirates…

  1. Jim

    I think that the cancer shirt would be more appropriate given the awareness factor.

    For example, by publishing an actress wearing a drug dealer’s shirt is promoting the Scarface mentality. By publishing a half naked woman wearing an anti-cancer tee you are promoting anti-cancer thus promoting getting involved with whichever non-profit in the fight against cancer. The message is in the shirt, not the body behind it.

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