Airwalk 540 will be back this fall!

airwalk-fall-2009-foorwear-1The 540 from Airwalk are 20 years old this year! Well it was a while ago when I used to skateboard! Whatever they are back in your best supermarket!

Ok it’s a hard sneaker to wear casual but if you remove the lace cover they keep their soul!



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3 responses to “Airwalk 540 will be back this fall!

  1. Rufus

    Dope Kicks, man. Airwalks comin’ back strong..

  2. Nick

    I’m here in the USA and still looking to buy a pair or 2 of these and seems no one has over even got them in the fall of ’09.. 😦 I want a pair in white that was the first pair of skate shoes I bought myself.. Ya I’m 34 but I still skate with my 6 year old son…

    • emiratesinstyle

      Hey Nick, I understand you… After I posted them I saw them in a shop in Paris but that’s the only one I saw… Maybe on a web for a week! Seems that they didn’t produce them after all!
      Maybe one day…

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