To wear or not to wear?

Since I’m a kid I’m a big big fan of Football! I use to go and see the RC Strasbourg from time to time at the stadium up to every week when I was a teen and event took the bus to go and see Marseille or Paris.

In the meantime it was really easy for me to wear Rugby shirt by Ralph Lauren or the Springboks jersey. But why I can’t wear a football jersey?

I was a fan of Liverpool until Ian Rush show his finger to us in the UEFA league, I was a fan of Barcelona because Eric Castel played there… now even if RC Strasbourg is my “for ever” team I like Arsenal because Arsene Wenger is from my region and like their jersey!

But why I can’t see myself around the street wearing it or another team one?

Because I don’t want to look like a football fan? Because I don’t want to wear a giant airline or mobile phone brand on my jersey? Because it looks to casual?
I don’t know however like selectism show this year there is some jersey that might worth wearing them!



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