Stone Island change your color jacket!


Well not that it is really helpful in our region as this is a winter jacket but it’s cool! Well that’s really the right word!

Anyhow this jacket change its color base and the temperature (I’m a geek ok!) but also look good! So if you go to cold country sometimes maybe it’s a good buy!

Where? I don’t know! In a shop that sell Stone Island maybe…



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3 responses to “Stone Island change your color jacket!

  1. Grosso Luca

    Hello-I have a question: where I can buy this fabulous Jacket in Switzerland. It’s possible to buy this Jacket by Internet. It’s not possible to buy in Switzerland…Italy or germany? Many thanks for your support and your feedback!

    Best regards

    Luca Grosso

    • mark patel

      move to a country that has a fucking mail system so you can order your shitty changing colour jacket, you silly fat chocolate eating gimp, of a man! HURR DERRR

      • emiratesinstyle

        Dear Cock, i assume that you don’t know much about the country where i leave. Do you know that they own 1 of the only thing your city is known for? Man city? Next time Mr Dick stop being a cyberthug and write something interesting… Peace DaCize

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