Raekwon vs Jay Z


Like Complex said both Album have leaked before their official release and of course in my technological dreams I’ve been able to listen to both!

Honestly I’m sorry for Jay! His album is nice (in fact not), commercial, full of sexy hype feat but closer and closer to this supermarket kind of album! Ok I’m bad because it’s not bad but it sound so much like Kanye (well he produced the album so… he had to make it worst than it his own) and other N.E.R.D. that honestly it won’t be remembered in 50 years!

Raekwon you will tell me? Well it’s the Wu Tang like back in the days! The flow is good, the theme are there, the atmosphere scares you! Well it’s a hit!Nothing much to say!

So buy the Raekwon album and leave the Jay Z one as most of his track will rotate on the radio! Sorry Jay I still love you but… that is the way it is!


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One response to “Raekwon vs Jay Z

  1. tiguy99

    Nothing more to say ^ ^

    I got both and still haven’t opened up the Jay Album yet. I’m still digesting Cuban Linx II. A lot of good gems on there

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