So as you can see on the pic above I own 3 bluetooth headset (earplug?) well whatever the name is!

The one on top is my old one (Motorola). I didn’t want to let it die but unfortunately after 2 or 3 years of good life together the thing that keep your hear close to the speaker start being loose so couldn’t use it any more. I bought it back then for maybe 150AED and honestly it worth the money I spend.

Following the challenge I decided to invest in a new one! Because I didn’t want to buy a fancy one (No money in fact) I decided to go to Carrefour and buy a basic one! I took this Samsung on the left (about 2 or 3 month ago)!

To be honest the Samsung cost me about 79 or 99AED so I said I will not expect much more than working correctly! However it was a bad idea! My LCD screen is a Samsung, I had a phone from Samsung and was happy of all but this! It keep on loosing the connection with my phone (HTC Diamond ndlr) when the previous one didn’t and it was too annoying (Imagine my client listening to me shouting that this crap didn’t work without me hearing them!)

Do you think I would take the time to go to Carrefour to exchange it and get another challenging product? No I preferred to buy another one and this time for 59AED (The Motorola one at the bottom) for the same economical reasons or maybe because a fancy one is not fancy for me anyway!

You know what? It works perfectly! Sound is good and it fit well in my ears! So the Samsung will be used maybe for  Skype only…

Samsung sorry you do nice product but this one sucks! Motorola I will buy your bluetooth product in the future because I’m happy!


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2 responses to “Bluetooth?

  1. joe

    hi that old Motorola Bluetooth on the top right

    do you know the model #

    please contact me back if you wouldn’t mind


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