Wakeboard fairy tales…

Most of my weekend I spend my time wakeboarding…

As I have a lot of imagination (I like to think) I always come up with funny (I think) nick names and other story so here are some…

Robbish and Verish

Let me first introduce you to Verish and Robbish…

If you don’t understand it’s Vera ‘Very S**t” and Rob “Rubbish” nicknames! Why? Because those two are so nicely competing on whose in the family will be the first one to land Tantrum or backflip that I had to put a bit of oil on the water for the fire to grow!

But don’t take me wrong those two are awesome in the water! Soon they gonna be the Bonnie and Clyde of the channel! Big shout out for them!

Look at the below from Verish! :


Then every week we have the faceplant winner and asmuch as this week it was Robbish himself last week was the Crazy flying man Mr Steve “The wine Taster Faceplanter”!!!

Faceplant winner

Then you have this crazy thing that happen 2 weeks ago! We were on our way to fill the tank of Rudi’s baby when we fall on this babe at the petrol station! Isn’t it crazy? A hot babe filling petrol in the middle of the desert?

Well Rudi was quick on this one and offer her to marry him and she said yes! Crazy isn’t it? Well congratulations!

Dolli pump

And to finish but unfortunately this is not a fairy tell but a true story… this is me wakesurfing… but when I wakeboard it’s not better



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