La Coka Nostra: Attention explicit lyrics


Well this afternoon we were talking with Doctor Mateo of the album that we blueprint for our musical life and right now I’m listening to one who if it did release couple of years ago would have been!

Damn la Coka Nostra album “A Brand you can Trust” is massive! So deep, so hard, so good! Like I commented somewhere else my head is banging in front of my computer since I started listening to it! I can’t do anything else than moving my head one track after another!

This is Rap the way I like it! So ruff not the chamolow that so often you can hear…it is so on the hedge that it is so good, so much energy! See I’m so excited!

Stop blabla go and visit their blog and find a hidden mixtape and then if you like it, buy the CD (No chance we could have it here as the lyrics are too explicit!)…

I love it! I love it! I love it!


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