ADCC 2009: The winners

So ADCC 2009 is finished and we have the result!

Under 66kg: Rafael Mendes aggressively outpointed Rubens Charles “Cobrinha“;
Under 77kg: Pablo Popovitch tapped Marcelo Garcia;
Under 88kg: Braulio Estima tapped Andre Galvao;
Under 99kg: Xande Ribeiro doubled his tally beating an impressive Gerard Rinaldi
Over 99kg: Werdum survived a tough start to control Cyborg and take his second gold.

Over 66kg: Hannette was perfect to win again
Under 66kg:Luanna Alzuguir impressed to win among the lightweights.

Cheers to Gracie mag

I’m happy for Rafael Mendes because he’s got such a Ju Jitsu and would have loved to see Marcelo Garcia win also because he impressed me at the Abu Dhabi Pro but ok… For the rest of the game will have to have a look at them…

But in order to wait have a look at those 2 youtube!


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