In Dubai – Bankrupt so what?

So everybody this morning is talking about the bankrupt of Dubai and I want to say so what?

Guys stop looking over here for stupid reasons and wait for the Emirates to fall! What has been achieved here is amazing and the crisis did just hammer everybody not only Dubai!

Ok the debt here is huge but Lehmann Brothers and GM had their challenge too!

Now to be honest since the crisis Dubai has never been so nice and a good place to be! All the goldiggers are gone! All the people grumpy because they couldn’t be rich in a minute are gone so yallah leave us alone!

I’m back in Dubai, enjoy the parties on the beach and at the polo course, the drive on the beach road, wearing a bermuda in November, watching pro golfing and regatta, hoping that Kenny Dope will rock the dancefloor, get ready for the Sevens, expect Barcelona to win the FIFA world club championship and so many more things so like Jay loves New York let’s sing “In Dubai” too!

Vodpod videos no longer available.



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