Wack style…

I usually prefer to say what I like than what I dislike but the picture above just hitted me!

Those guys have the worst style ever! Nearly ever! Ok you put a girl (Doesn’t have to be a bomb) in it well ok it could be kinda cute fashionable but you guys?

Sorry it is just too much for me… what do you think? Is men the new “I wanna be more girly in a man apparel than my girlfriend”?

Thanks Yvan Rodic for the pic anyhow.


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One response to “Wack style…

  1. This is horrible! This is not manly! Is the guy on the far left wearing a blouse of some kind??? Skinny jeans??? This is horrible. You could put Alicia Keys or Pamela Anderson in this pic and it still wouldn’t be “cute”. This is not TrueMan approved.

    Whoever you are in this pic, I hope that you see this comment. You are embarrassing yourselves. You are embarrassing your parents. You are embarrassing me. Man the f*ck up!!

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