Oakley riot was war! Awesome wakeboard in Dubai!

Well the best of the best were there at the Oakley Riot in Dubai and unfortunately the water was not the best! A bit of wind made the area look like Cap Horn for a little turtle…

But it was a great event as the picture will show and the pro’s did their job by flying high!

There was a really good crowd that show up. A cool groovy atmosphere that help everybody enjoyed there time in front of Dubai sea.

The double up contest even on rough water was amazing! See how high the guys were flying!

Sorry I don’t have a telescopic zoom so it’s small but you can see if you have good eyes! I’ll try one day to have a proper camera… No no I will!

Then the pro would let you get close to them and make them sign your board… so you can have a new Ronix one for Xmas (yes I was looking the blondie on his side)!

But also take picture with the guys! “Hubbie he is so stronger than you!”

You could even introduce your daughter to nice guys who are paid to wake all day… never know wakeboard is maybe the new tennis!

Of course there was some Corona girls… like if the sun was not shining enough (If you want my tel number girls just let me know)!

And of course some fan who always want to get closer to their heroes!



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5 responses to “Oakley riot was war! Awesome wakeboard in Dubai!

  1. Kyle

    Thanks for the pics! By any chance, was the Corona girl on the left from Thailand? Or is she a local? She looks like someone I know. 🙂

    • emiratesinstyle

      Well I’m a shy guy so I didn’t ask her where she was from… sorry can’t help! Well if you know her I’m interested in knowing a bit more about her 🙂

  2. Rob

    I listed Oakley Riot on my website ridebutter.com Looks like a great event! Thanks for publishing a review of the event. I wish I could have gotten out there, but I was stuck here in the US.

    How many people do you think attended?

    • emiratesinstyle

      Hey Rob! It was a really nice event… water was not so nice but the atmosphere was great!
      In term of attendance I would say maybe 150 to 200 people show up maybe more… but with Barasti guest we might have been to 350 or more easily but then I can be wrong to! Difficult when it’s on a beach 🙂

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