Baby Rolls by Deutsche Manufaktur

I’m more of a Bentley guy but this baby Rolls make it to my heart!

Luxist explain the following:

Germany’s Deutsche Manufaktur has created their Baby Roll’s dubbed the “Numero Uno”, the styling package “merges aggression and luxury using the precision quality of Deutsche’s technology”. A widened front makes the Ghost look more “bullish and strong,” while the extended grill “sends signals of pride” and the “angry eyes express style”. The windows feature intelligent glass that dims at the touch of a button. Inside you can choose from various finishes of wood, carbon fiber or Alcantara in addition to hand-stitched leather for the upholstery in various colour combinations, as well as a custom steering wheel and a three-part set of aluminum pedals and brake handle.

Here we don’t care of the price so I let you read it on Luxist but here I like it! In white please…


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