This watch made my day but killed it too…

I’m a big fan of Tag Heuer since I’m a kid and wear one since my 20th birthday (Thanks Mum)!

When I turn 30 I said that I wanted to double the cost of my watch (Just to say that life was better than before) but obviously couldn’t…  Since then I’m looking for the “Next one” and I might have found it!

This Silverstone come from 1974 and the guys at Tag Heuer just decided to relaunch it. Back in those day it was the first automatic chronograph on the market so it become the must have of the Formula 1 scene. I would add that she is also beautiful and simple like I like it!

But unfortunately for me the price tag is too high (6500$) and the availability limited to 1500 piece (For the blue and the brown?) so will have to search for another one… snif…

Thanks for the lead anyway

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