First meal and walk of 2010…

So this morning I had my first meal of 2010… Usually I go to  Krispy Kreme and Starbucks but the new year had to start differently (Well it started sick and in bed early…). Anyhow I decided to go to Jumeirah walk and enjoy my first meal there.

I choose Paul cafe or restaurant or whatever because it got the French breakfast feeling but ended up ordering a Crepe (Pancake?) with chicken and mushrooms plus a diet coke… not my best idea of a breakfast but was good!

It was packed and all the white men and women were running all around but honestly you need to review your basic because the service is… let’s not go that way.

I played a bit with this lovely Russian girl… she was cute…

And this dad was asking his daughter to take the picture of this beautiful truck parked on the street… so cute…

But you can see that “The bling is over” Bling shop is closed…

But not for everybody…


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