Streetwear is dead I told you…

Well I say it again because when I see this collection out of  the Spring 2010 lookbook from Obey and I am amazed!

Obey is a graffiti artist and at my time you would wear a Levis 501 with a champion sweatshirt and some Nike kicks but not look like the preppy boys of the private school next door!

I will always remember when my co-skater saw my pairs of Sebago and how disgusted they were! Now the trend take all that was against the cool and make it cool… 18 years of difference… but I really like the Obey collection so no big deal outside the fact that streetwear is dead!


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One response to “Streetwear is dead I told you…

  1. Binx

    Streetwear isn’t dead. It just taking a newer refined form, looking even further back than the 80s. In my opinion it’s a good move. Fashion is always changing form no matter what part of the industry it is.

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