The day I realized that I’m not a pop guy!

So it all started yesterday in a quite amazing Thai  restaurant in the middle of Satwa! Take Al Wasl, turn right after the Safa Park Emarat, then right again and at the pastry shop stop there!

It look a bit like that from outside (Need a new G11!) but can’t tell you about the food because I didn’t try it!

And from inside like that

Then we went to I2 Lounge at Metropolitan hotel and it is where I realize that I am not a pop guy! Well I new that but Rick Asley, Modern Talking, Bon Jovi and others 80’s / 90’s crap is not my cup of tea! Ok after couple of Belvedere I did start moving my ass on whatever but sorry

Is not my shit!

is more 😉 will go back as my friend likes it and the atmosphere is ok but so music… umm


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