United Arab Emirates but not in Brazilian Ju Jitsu

This is a post that is a little bit of an open letter to his Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nayan.

When I move to UAE about 4 years ago my favorites past time were drinking alcohol, going out until late at night, eating, complaining and chillin. At work I was working hard but was always nervous, thinking that I was the most clever guy and always impatient. In resume you can imagine that I was not the most pleasant guy and that life was maybe not so happy for me as I was driven by materialistic view and self destruction threw a pretty unbalance lifestyle.

When I came to UAE I started learning what is patience, respect and what could be a healthy lifestyle but was not willing to compromise on my smoking, drinking and partying! Even when doing Muay Thai it didn’t stopped me!

Until I moved to Abu Dhabi where I discover what would be a revolution in my life: Brazilian Ju Jitsu!

I will always remember the day I step into the Equestrian Club hall and look at the training. The first one, I was not really attracted but I decided to come to have a second look and decided to try then. I remember talking to a coach (Sid) who told me with a strong Brazilian accent “if you like Ju Jitsu too much it will change your life!” and it did!

My first training was hard, my second one was horrible, the third one I nearly throw up! I was like what is that?but carried on!  The coaches were killing me just during the warm up! I found all the excuses like “they are all in the army” or related but didn’t give up! In my mind I said I will manage to understand and practise this sport whatever it takes!

In my first 2 month I got injured twice… then once or twice in the next two month again but didn’t give up! In the meantime I decided to quit smoking! More than 15 years of smoking and it was it in a day! No more cigarette!

Slowly slowly my life start changing due to Brazilian Ju Jitsu. Only once a month I would go out and drink. In term of food I start paying attention. At work I become so patient that all my challenge became a fight that I had to win with my brain and not my muscle (Big mouth)! It changed my life for the best and what I am today is the result of all the pain that I had to learn what I call The Chess of Martial Art: Brazilian Ju Jitsu.

Then about 3 month ago I moved back to Dubai for professional reason and all my friend asked me if I did find a club? I was so happy to say yes because it was not only a club it will become soon a family! Everybody here love so much the sport and the Brazilian coaches that Emirates team send us are our parents! We love them for all the love that their share with us and all the techniques that we learn with them.

Just as an example this weekend I run the 10km of the Dubai Marathon and I finished it without walking at all! It is such an accomplishment for me who didn’t run more than 45 minutes in a row in his life!

But tonight when going training I learned that for political reason Carlos Santos the head coach of the Emirates Team is not allowed to send them anymore to teach us the right way! We will probably have someone else, not from the Emirates Team so it won’t be anymore the Emirates Team it will be Abu Dhabi team and Dubai Team but for a country that just celebrate the union with Burj Khalifa it is sad.

Your Highness we know that you love the sport so please reunite Dubai and Abu Dhabi and please let Carlos send again his sons and daughters teach us the fabulous art of Brazilian Ju Jitsu!

For Helio!


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