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Well I’m back from my trip so have to cope with work which is taking me a bit of time. For this reason I don’t really have time to look outside and the only thing that came to mind was that Flo Rida was there.

Honestly who cares of Flo Rida? It’s just radio music to drive you to the ads I think… But anyway how is the emirates nowadays? Well I don’t know!

I missed wakestock and 2 Many Dj’s, Elton John and Carlos Santana are playing to end the World Cup at the end of the month, David Guetta is playing sometimes soon, yes ok there is a Bboy battle on the 25th at the Shelter! That might be interesting! I will have a look… Maybe…

Well I miss the crazy Pop energy of Dubai! Before the crisis it was pop but funny but lately I don’t feel that.. don’t know as all the rest (Sports and job) is fine! Ah no I need to find a girlfriend too… Well let me try something this way 😉


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2 responses to “Let’s talk…

  1. Thanks for your comments on my blog, but I wanted to let you know that I “am” African American and I know my heritage when it comes to true hip hop, since my people started it in the first place. As far as keeping it “real”…if you read my post correctly, you will see that I was only comparing our past style with what kids are wearing today! There is a similarity and that was one of my points! My second point is valid whether you like it or not…and that is designers “do not” look at Dubai street fashion for inspiration to bring something new to the plate.

    With that said, street/urban/hip hop fashion is subjective. Maybe some of those people in the photos I posted think what they are wearing is hip hop or street or urban. Who are yo to say it isn’t!


    • emiratesinstyle

      Hey hey I didn’t know my post was so negatively written 😦

      Personally I don’t really care of the heritage of people because it’s a good excuse for justifying a lot of thing but your call! True hip hop comes from the heart of the people who write it and from their experience! I don’t think your “heritage” is the reason why you understand it but would say your personal experience would but I leave it with you!
      For the keep it real it’s a misuse of English (I’m French) and it didn’t mean what you understood my mistake!

      Regarding the past and present style having seen the NWA, Run DMC, Wu Tan Clan and others become who they are from the end of the 80’s and later (was too young for Sugar Hill Gang and the Back In the Days time) I would say that the style have some inspiration but that’s it! There is a difference between a fitted 501 and a skinny purple April77 jeans!

      For the designer looking at Dubai I would ask you why? Outside of the traditional style really really few people bring anything to the scene not even me because I’m not a fashionista!

      But you are right I am nobody to say anything about fashion, Hip Hop or anything else as I am nobody! But keep up the good work as I like reading your blog it is fresh! 🙂

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