World Cup Dubai! The Questioning…

The questioning of life in the desert?Yes as when you are all pump up to go to the biggest and most expensive party that Dubai organize every year and you see that:

Ok the queue… well it’s a new location so we would have expect everything to be smooth but okay…

The Bubble Lounge area at 400pm quite empty… Ok it’s still early but where is the DJ? Ah inside! Inside? why not at the Bubble Lounge like all the other year? And where is the grass area where all the ladies can relax their feet?

But excuse me is this the hospitality area? You are kidding me?

And now I’m at the Airport?

Damn I think it’s time to go home… doesn’t worth it!

Wait a minute! I’ve gone all this way to enjoy the biggest party of the year so I need the answering!

(Soon to come…)


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