Nike best and worst…

You know I love Nike as footwear and product and here is an example of their creativity

but I hate when they do things that are against people well being! Don’t make kids work, don’t throw away homeless because politics are afraid to do it! Leave the people of Miyashita park leave there and make sure that you leave together! live with them not without them!


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2 responses to “Nike best and worst…

  1. dlewisharris

    I’m in the same boat as you. I also quite like Nike as a brand (particularly their footwear), but then you see things like this and it’s a huge conflict of interests. I can’t help but feel that the Government in Japan should take some of the blame for actually selling the park to Nike in the first place too.

    • emiratesinstyle

      Of course the municipality of Tokyo should be blamed… Tuff world! Shall we blame Nike because they might do a nice park too… They could have sold it to GM who would have a karting who knows? Nike is probably better in that case… tuff world!

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