City of life

Just finished the movie “City of Life” and I liked it! It’s a real picture of Dubai… the way the city is not with the cinema twist that I expected. For a reason it feels that the movie is not so well filmed but in fact it’s only because all of the story is just what happen here.

I spend nearly 5 years in Dubai and the director and writer have really given no chance of failure. There is no censorship and only “truth” in this movie and I like that! All the cliche that you can think about Dubai when you see it from outside are not there (well maybe still a bit) as you have the true picture of what makes Dubai what it is! A mix of good, opportunist, survivors and bad people… I like the “you know that I know a lot of people and I will destroy you!”

From the rich locals lost in translation to the beautiful eastern European looking for gold passing by nice people and total asshole (Expat quite rightly) all is there!

Mr Ali F. Mostafa I say well done because you haven’t given us a sweet taste about Dubai but a real picture of it! For everybody here just go and see the movie for the one outside go to the city of life website and request it!

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