Jet ski in Sharjah

Not something I would do every weekend but was funny…



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26 responses to “Jet ski in Sharjah

  1. swissgirl

    Hey, do you have a number please? where we can call fot jet ski information in sharjah.

  2. Krinaia

    Can i know the price of jet skiing and the timings in ramadan

  3. Danish

    its 100aed per hour and 50aed for 30mins…u can negotiate it as well specially in weekdays

  4. Hussain

    HI, i can ride motor bike very well. Is it necessary to take class for Jet Ski or its not imprtant. Plz reply

  5. jose joseph

    my daughter of 20 years old and her girl friends are planning for ski jet trip in lagoon sharjah.she does not know it advisable to go for the trip?pls reply

  6. Nikola

    Hi guys, need help, want to go for jet skiing, can u tell me where’s the place in Sharja and do u have any contact number of them, plz replay,


  7. mustafa husain

    pls can u tell the price and tell me ur contact number

  8. siddharth

    me and my friends are planning to go for jetskiing. Could you please tell the minimum age required.

  9. Faisal

    um 16 can i go ?

  10. Just back from Sharjah mamzar and the guys (bangali) tried to con us saying I damaged the jetski. Basically they get you look over the fibre glass, you point out a few rips in the rubber, told its ok and sign the form.

    The jetski’s already had few scratches, obviously you don’t pay much attention to it. When I got back the guy pointed at an already existing stratch saying damage.

    Anyway, big arguement, the guy wanted 700 AED, I just kept saying this is a trick for tourists, I’m not an idiot etc. After 15 mins or so another guy stepped out the shadows (the owner) and asked what the problem was,he inspected the damage and supported those bangali guys. By this point we knew that they were all mixed up.

    At this point another team of tourists arrived, speaking to them we got to know that even they were in a similar situation. The jet ski owners were asking them to pay for the damage,which they were not responsible.

    Surprisingly, the ne guy asked us to call police if we are not willing to play. We ringed Police but in vain, the operator asked us to visit Sharjah police staion and lodge a complaint,which is obviously not what we wanted.

    Finally,we got fed up,after long argument we agreed to pay them AED400, which they accepted.

    I advise skiers is to be AWARE of these Con,especially in the sharjah mamzar area (the first unit)

    • Alghamdi

      This is a very good advise …. such fraud must be aware of whence you decide to ride a Jet Ski … we shall pay attention for the damages prior to the ride… snaky punk Bangali

      • dear friend this is nadeem waheed from sharjah people always take jetski on the rent and they dont use properly and make accident every day there are many causes like this
        so be care full n check the jet ski properly before u sign the papers

  11. nadeem

    this is nadeem waheed from sharjah that u r right may be
    but mostly people taking the jetski on rent they make accidents and they dont now to ride properly so its hard to trust both parties

  12. nadeem

    any one like to have any information u can call nadeem waheed for jetski
    i have super jet ski 1812 cc high out put n u can check me on face book
    that nadeem_waheed me in white car identification see u all mamzar beach i am always the saturday

  13. this is nadeem waheed from sharjah about the rented jet ski
    about ruaware i dont now may be both the party r correct 50/50
    but people taking the jet ski for rent thay dont now to ride properly so make the accident so we cannot say how is right

  14. any information about the jetski in sharjah for repairing for renting and any infornation can call me 0555100364

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