Wakeboarding days are back!

It’s been a while (if I don’t count the week before last) that I haven’t been on the water! This Friday was a pretty good one!

Everybody was there!

People were happy!

The city is still under construction

People were going fishing too!

It was flying all over us (Behind the boat too!)

We easily found the “Gay boat” of the day

The “P*ssy” of the day was the guy on the left not what you are looking at!

Rudaman was hungover…

But it finished with a Fish & Chips so the day was perfect!



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3 responses to “Wakeboarding days are back!

  1. Yaaaaaaaaay P*ssy of the day hahaha

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  3. hi
    I noticed your interested in wakeboarding. You should check out http://www.worldofwakeboarding.com .It’s a great site for an avid wakeboarder

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