Sheikh Da Cize is titillating you…

Guys I’m leaving U.A.E. soon so there is no reason for me to continue Emirates In Style! I spend 5 years here and I’ve seen the up and down of the region which was great!

I’m leaving for professional reasons mainly! For me it will remain a good experience…

With Emirates In Style I tried to share a little bit of my culture in a country that need to open up and with 150+ readers a day in some way I’m sure I manage to do so! So for the people who like what I like come to follow me on as it is where I will share my journey!

I love you all! Peace, Love, Unity and Have fun!



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3 responses to “Sheikh Da Cize is titillating you…

  1. Snif…
    c’est quoi la prochaine destination !
    raconte un peu wesh !

  2. Hey Mr Clem pour le moment je vais me poser un peu en famille a Strasbourg puis apres on verra… Il semble que cela s’oriente vers l’Est quand meme 😉

  3. Too bad your leaving! I just started to get to understand what the young people desired in the UAE. I run a fashion and entertainment division in my company Ararat International. My job is to export fashion into the middle east and I rely on bloggers like you to tell me what to fashion brands here in Los Angeles to bring to the Middle East!!! Let me know if you continue to blog about The Middle East and let me know what you think the people there want with fashion!!! I can bring the hottest brands direct to all with the help of the company’s distribution rights in the Middle East!

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