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New acquisition by the Dubai Royal…

Well this is probably one of my last post here so if I upset the royal family I’m sorry but all comes from Luxist not me…

Here is the new acquisition it seems of the Dubai Royal Family with their hard earn cash! A little penthouse in Monaco for only 308 Millions Dollars…

Here is the location:

The dining room

The library

The master bedroom

What I prefer is the Terrace…

But now I have a question! How on earth this is a good investment? For the same amount you have a nice hotel that should give you a good return! How is this penthouse will? You gonna rent it?

Anyhow I’m just a small French guy on his way home who after 5 years hasn’t understood the logic!

If I’m around Monaco I’ll pass by to discuss… promise…

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Emirates in Style on tour… stage 1

So as I told you I’m just back from my holidays! No big stories about it so I will just put 5 pics per stage!

1st one Paris!

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Harlem love the street league pro

First a small show round of Harlem followed by the (really good looking) try out of the Street League Pro!

Have a look at both!

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This is… Singapore

Well for religious reasons of course Gambling is forbidden here however when I see this project I’m mmmmmm!

It is a new hotel (2500rooms!)/casino / Congress center / Shopping alley in Singapore. Honestly when you see the garden on top you can only love it…

But it’s not in Dubai so I think it’s time to do something here because we are still missing areas to enjoy ourself. Maybe a reef? Have some music hall show?

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On the go… Plane, Paris, La Rochelle…

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Dubai mall and the old town

An afternoon at the mall because I had to check Bloomingdales! Expected Stussy, Crooks and other good shit didn’t find much… Next time I will queue for their cupcakes maybe it worth it!

Like this picture… for the moment not worth it!

He He finally some J’s and Force in Dubai?

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Burj Dubai opening!

Well I wasn’t there… So I can’t say much… have a look at the news as I didn’t want to go as I see the tower for the last 5 years nearly every day so I’m blase with Burj Dubai!

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I don’t understand… Le Figaro Madame pictures

Dubai Madame Fig

Le Figaro Madame has done a fashion shooting in Dubai called “Golden Arabie” (Golden Arabia) and I don’t know what to think.

It seems that they took normal people and ask them to pause with some accessories and other clothes, all goldish. What I don’t understand is that the picture are of a poor quality and scenery (Maybe one or two are ok) but it is so cliche!

Gold and Dubai? Can we not go over it now? There is much more to talk about and isn’t it Karl Lagarfeld who said:
Bling is dead! (As per BKRW).

I don’t know I feel this is quite lousy so make your own opinion there!

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Masdar City centre by Lava


The website Dezeen provide us a very interesting outlook of the future Masdar City ‘city Center’

I don’t want to explain everything here because I’m far from being the right person to describe this initiative but to summurize it is the city of the future!

Have a look at the Dezeen article about the future centre of the city… here in Abu Dhabi!


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Maybe one of the most interesting place in UAE currently?

“The shelter is an innovation campus that allows ideas to exist in a creative environment. This environment is infused with added value experiences such as language and design classes, regional major events such as the Art Dubai VIP lounge and will exist to create an experience in order to attract and identify innovation.”

They have a shop with good product it seems and organise sale on supremebeing brand on Saturday… so I might pass by… not to buy anything but to have a look at the place…


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A beautiful residence…


Well it’s in Kuala Lumpur and it’s exactly what I’m looking for! Maybe just a bit big but ok… Look at The Cool Hunter post it explains more than me!

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weekend… Dubai… Pool…Mall… charlotte

So first I do have to say that I wake up very early… well when the sun start rising at 6:00am! But with the Burj looking at me so okayy…


But it was nice because lil Carlota was in da house!


From the Vince flat you can see how Dubai look like at then end of June… who said hot and dusty? Who said that!


But still good enough to relax a bit a the pool… rooftop pool of course…


Then because they finally understand that we get lost in their megahypaparking they put this machine! Of course I parked  at the Fashion parking (Imagine if I went to the food court it would be less Hyfresh!)


But Dubai mall is a very Hyfresh mall I tell you! I will go back and do a full report on it one day…


Imagine at the “Kinda” Apple Store they had my blog on display! Huge! I’m becoming a rock star isn’t it? What I did it myself… pfff


We had Taco Bell for dinner but didn’t have time to take picture of it because we eat everything before! Was good!


On the way we found a PQ outlet! Very nice even if Chicken and Garlic my scratch! (French only can understand ndlr)


Then I wanted to chill with the homies but was in Arabic, there was no Bob Marley and I quit smoking so…


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New Brazilian Ju Jitsu stadium in Abu Dhabi?

Well I started Brazilian Ju Jitsu a couple of month ago and it did change my life! Yeah it’s true!

I quit smoking for it (Enough of getting my ass kicked cause I couldn’t breath) and now my conditioning is getting better and better! Soon I will be able to submit the 10 years old kids!

So when it is originaly from Brasil and Japan it seems that now the Emirates of Abu Dhabi is taking the lead. After the first Abu Dhabi pro is the rendering below the future Carlos Santos baby? A huge stadium with office, retail and training area?

I don’t know but it looks good!

To know more about the BJJ in the Emirates check Emirates One and Emirates Ju Jitsu!



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Yas hotel nearly finish?

The Yas Island hotel that will be a masterpiece in the design of Abu Dhabi F1 race track seems to be close to completion!

The design is beautiful and when you know that the cars will pass by under it which make it the hotspot (with the marina and the VIP grandstand and tower) the track you can just be excited!

Look at those pics and visit Dezeen for more info!






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Best shop ever! Bastard Store Milano

Well when from that:


You reach that:


For me you just deserved this tittle! The shop is the Bastard store in Milano and to get the all story about it you need to read the story at

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