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Thank you Bentley motors

Well you know that I like things different than the mass… For this reason thank you Bentley for providing me my future day to day operation cars with specific Middle East features!

As per autoblog:

Bentley has announced a special run of 50 Continental Flying Spur sedans that will only be available in the Middle East. Called the Flying Spur Arabia and Flying Spur Speed Arabia, these two special editions feature special Arabia badges on their fenders, door sills and ash-tray lid. The non-Speed Flying Spur also gets a new unique 14-spoke wheel design while the higher performance Speed model (above) gets 20-inch, ten-spoke wheels.

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Fancy a quick climb of the hill to go snowboarding? Want to travel in style to your next meeting or just put the surfboard at the back to reach Jumeirah beach?

Buy this one! Mercedes-Benz C-Class DR 520, Stuttgart started with a C63 AMG, added 60 horses, the AMG Performance Pack Plus, and matte black or white vinyl wrap. Zero to 62 mph in 4.1 seconds.

I like this! 20 of them only and a London exclusivity… let’s go hunting…

But also because I can wait for Gran Turismo to finally go out have a look at this one!

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Lexus LFA…. Nice

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Gumball 3000 – Cars of the Middle East

Out of the 64 cars showcased in the complex list of this year gumball 3000 here is the ones coming from the region! Mostly the Emirates but also one from the Saudi desert!

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Bike and Air

The first is a bike that I like because it’s Orange!

The second is an ad that I like because it crazy!

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Nice ride…

If you remove the Sporter Harley Davidson sticker it’s a nice ride! Really Sons of Anarchy… I should stop watching TV even if trust me I like it!

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First meal and walk of 2010…

So this morning I had my first meal of 2010… Usually I go to  Krispy Kreme and Starbucks but the new year had to start differently (Well it started sick and in bed early…). Anyhow I decided to go to Jumeirah walk and enjoy my first meal there.

I choose Paul cafe or restaurant or whatever because it got the French breakfast feeling but ended up ordering a Crepe (Pancake?) with chicken and mushrooms plus a diet coke… not my best idea of a breakfast but was good!

It was packed and all the white men and women were running all around but honestly you need to review your basic because the service is… let’s not go that way.

I played a bit with this lovely Russian girl… she was cute…

And this dad was asking his daughter to take the picture of this beautiful truck parked on the street… so cute…

But you can see that “The bling is over” Bling shop is closed…

But not for everybody…

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2009 Dubai motorshow

It’s my 3rd motorshow in Dubai and it is not the best to be honest. Ok the crisis has pass by too but… whatever there was still some nice babies… not babes…

Here is my selection of the best ones! I should follow soon with the best toys…

This one is my absolute preferred! Mercedes SLS AMG! Don’t like the colorway but would love a Grey or a white one!

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2CV surprise on the way to the motorshow

Today was a really busy day! But it start with this meeting!

A 2CV on the Jumeirah Sheikh Villas road… on the way to mall of Emirates from Dubai Marina you would have understand…

So how can this lovely baby ended up there? I don’t know but I feel that you can buy it as there was no number plate… or it was just a citroen joke, don’t know.

Well anyhow I like it and I’m sure I’m not the only one…

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Baby Rolls by Deutsche Manufaktur

I’m more of a Bentley guy but this baby Rolls make it to my heart!

Luxist explain the following:

Germany’s Deutsche Manufaktur has created their Baby Roll’s dubbed the “Numero Uno”, the styling package “merges aggression and luxury using the precision quality of Deutsche’s technology”. A widened front makes the Ghost look more “bullish and strong,” while the extended grill “sends signals of pride” and the “angry eyes express style”. The windows feature intelligent glass that dims at the touch of a button. Inside you can choose from various finishes of wood, carbon fiber or Alcantara in addition to hand-stitched leather for the upholstery in various colour combinations, as well as a custom steering wheel and a three-part set of aluminum pedals and brake handle.

Here we don’t care of the price so I let you read it on Luxist but here I like it! In white please…

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Megayacht in Abu Dhabi

Boat ABoat B

Yesterday at around 8:30/9:00 in the morning we had the chance to cross those two beautiful piece of yacht!

I don’t know who own them and what they were doing there but it seems that both are U.A.E. owned. Honestly it was like a dream… we were all amaze and so the day just started like in a dream… so watch out for the wake review…

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Mercedes Sls Amg vs Mercedes 300 Sl Gullwing


Between those two pictures there is more than 50 years that passed! Can you imagine? From the 50’s to the 00’s?

Well Mercedes and AMG had a brilliant idea to do this 2010 Mercedes Benz SLS AMg has it is a beauty!

“563 horsepower and 480 lb-ft of torque funneled to the rear wheels from the front/mid-mounted 6.3-liter AMG V8. Thanks to a lightweight structure molded predominantly from carbon fiber, the SLS AMG will scoot to 60 miles per hour in just 3.7 seconds and on up to a top speed of 197 mph”

Isn’t it enough? Honestly I hope one day to drive it because she is as nice as her mother!

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car race in Style…

When Bugatti runs against Mc Laren and Lamborghini against Mercedes SLR it can only be in style! Of course it’s in the UAE and not of course in Abu Dhabi!

Tell me can I do the same on the corniche? Danmit this short moment of Topgear is a blast! Enjoy it and I will as I drive there every day!

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The emirates will love the Maserati GranCabrio

Can you imagine cruisin along JBR with your friend with some good soul as background music in the new Maserati GranCabrio… I can…


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Cars lately…

Here is some cars that I spotted lately in the UAE… kinda interested me all for different reasons…

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