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Always a good joke!

This Iphone 4 case is one of those “Always willing to make an easy dollar” attitude from luxury brand. Honestly I don’t know what they were thinking but this is a plastic case! I don’t know how much it sells for but were is the craftsmanship on this? Where is the luxury? The Plastic is made of something special?

Look coming from any streetwear or fashion wannabe brand why not but from a luxurious house like Fendi? Not sure…

What do you think?

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Toys expo, bedsheet and kicks…

My back pain is slowly too slowly going out so no sports… my holidays are coming ouffff… Week at work was sh**t… Dubai is boring…etc

But I still love what I love… Anyhow…

Toys expo

Cool beds sheets

Can’t get sneakers

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In august we start with…

The North Face Purple Label



My mind

Pinel for Laguiole

Pacquio x MINDstyle x Disney Tee


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Blackberry banned in UAE

Well as it seems that Blackberry will be gone in October in UAE I think it’s now time for me to go and see the Apple!


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From Paris to Shanghai by Louis Vuitton

This expo by Louis Vuitton was (is?) at the Mall66 next to the Portman (Pronounce it Poteman to be understood 🙂 ) centre. It’s a different aspect of the brand the way we know it! It is the way I like it! Historical and beautiful! Look by yourself at the pieces!

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In July I keep on buying…

Well it’s not true as I am on a non spending time but whatever…

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In July I buy…

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