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Nothing to worry about…

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Ramadan Kareem!

To all my followers all my best wishes! I will try not to post too many things that doesn’t match the idea of ramadan but can’t ensure you!

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Could be nice…

I don’t know if it work well or if it’s just advertising but honestly I would love to see that in Dubai! If we could surf all the time here I think I would never leave the country!

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So true!

I like the advice of Steve Jobs! Hope they cut the crap and get nice product only (Quality!!!!)!

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Just stumble upon those and wouah! Sorry for the author but didn’t keep the link… sorry…

It’s the Eyjafjallajökull in case you didn’t understand…

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Zahia Dehar The Bleue prostitute love Dubai!

Hahahahahaha 🙂


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Nike best and worst…

You know I love Nike as footwear and product and here is an example of their creativity

but I hate when they do things that are against people well being! Don’t make kids work, don’t throw away homeless because politics are afraid to do it! Leave the people of Miyashita park leave there and make sure that you leave together! live with them not without them!


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