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This is… Singapore

Well for religious reasons of course Gambling is forbidden here however when I see this project I’m mmmmmm!

It is a new hotel (2500rooms!)/casino / Congress center / Shopping alley in Singapore. Honestly when you see the garden on top you can only love it…

But it’s not in Dubai so I think it’s time to do something here because we are still missing areas to enjoy ourself. Maybe a reef? Have some music hall show?

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Aloft Abu Dhabi is a nice place

Aloft Abu Dhabi!

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Nice hotel…

It’s in a controversial city but I love the style…

More info on The CoolHunter

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My room in Cannes

So I’m currently staying at The Majestic Barriere which is one of the Palace of Cannes.

The hotel is really nice with this old European luxurious atmosphere. I love it! The rooms are not up to Dubai standard as there is no coffee machine, are small and no sleepers seen but still quite nice.

What I really like about it? The cosyness and the tired feeling (The hotel is going threw a slow motion refurbishment it seems) as it gives historical feeling to the place.

There is also picture of famous movie star that stayed here along the years at the Festival so that is quite cool!

Let the pictures talk for me…

The hotel from outside

My room…

The bonsai…

The corridor…

The Stars… on the wall

My lunch… outside on the 6th of December in France that is nice…

And guess what? Dubai is all around again! Very Quicksilver logo isn’t it?

More about Cannes to come…


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weekend… Dubai… Pool…Mall… charlotte

So first I do have to say that I wake up very early… well when the sun start rising at 6:00am! But with the Burj looking at me so okayy…


But it was nice because lil Carlota was in da house!


From the Vince flat you can see how Dubai look like at then end of June… who said hot and dusty? Who said that!


But still good enough to relax a bit a the pool… rooftop pool of course…


Then because they finally understand that we get lost in their megahypaparking they put this machine! Of course I parked  at the Fashion parking (Imagine if I went to the food court it would be less Hyfresh!)


But Dubai mall is a very Hyfresh mall I tell you! I will go back and do a full report on it one day…


Imagine at the “Kinda” Apple Store they had my blog on display! Huge! I’m becoming a rock star isn’t it? What I did it myself… pfff


We had Taco Bell for dinner but didn’t have time to take picture of it because we eat everything before! Was good!


On the way we found a PQ outlet! Very nice even if Chicken and Garlic my scratch! (French only can understand ndlr)


Then I wanted to chill with the homies but was in Arabic, there was no Bob Marley and I quit smoking so…


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Yas hotel nearly finish?

The Yas Island hotel that will be a masterpiece in the design of Abu Dhabi F1 race track seems to be close to completion!

The design is beautiful and when you know that the cars will pass by under it which make it the hotspot (with the marina and the VIP grandstand and tower) the track you can just be excited!

Look at those pics and visit Dezeen for more info!






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Helix hotel Abu Dhabi…

I’m not gonna go into detail as you can find them on the Dezeen website but the Helix hotel is just awesome in term of design and it’s planned in Abu Dhabi baby!

It will be in Zayed Bay district but as usual nobody kows when and if the final building will end up the way it was supposed to be. However I really like the design.

Helix HotelHelix SuiteHelix AtriumHelix hotel by night

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