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Modern Art Museum of Dubai


When Abu Dhabi will have the Guggenheim and the Louvre, Dubai will have the Museum of Mordern Art of the Middle East.

As per the information there will be a galleria, shopping centre and hotel attached to it! Not surprising that there will be a shopping centre and a hotel but I start getting fed up of this set up!

Anyway the building is cool and if you want more check Dezeen


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European luxury… Hotel de Paris in Monaco

When the Middle East talk about Luxury I always talk about mass luxury! Working in hotels give here the wrong message to people as we don’t produce state of the art service!

Look a bit at the presentation of the Hotel De Paris in Monaco and tell me how your Middle East experience is above that!

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Luxurious resort on the World

The world is soon to become the new Moustique Island! All the project are better than the previous one! Have a a look at the presentation of the Pangkor Laut Luxury Resort and Residence!

From here it sounds like the perfect place even if I feel that the presentation could have been better…

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