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New acquisition by the Dubai Royal…

Well this is probably one of my last post here so if I upset the royal family I’m sorry but all comes from Luxist not me…

Here is the new acquisition it seems of the Dubai Royal Family with their hard earn cash! A little penthouse in Monaco for only 308 Millions Dollars…

Here is the location:

The dining room

The library

The master bedroom

What I prefer is the Terrace…

But now I have a question! How on earth this is a good investment? For the same amount you have a nice hotel that should give you a good return! How is this penthouse will? You gonna rent it?

Anyhow I’m just a small French guy on his way home who after 5 years hasn’t understood the logic!

If I’m around Monaco I’ll pass by to discuss… promise…

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I wanna be a Guido!

I can’t remember the last time I laugh so much! The Guido and Guidette are my new stars! I was intrigued by Jersey Shore so I DL the all uncensored season 1! I watch the 13 episodes in 2 days and just because I felt asleep!

The Guido and Guidettes are my new hero’s! They wear “Designer” shades, Audigier and Ed Hardy tee shirt, Go Gym, Tan, Laudry everyday, listen to Americadance (Not Eurodance they are US based) and for the Guido look at charming as many Guidettes as they can! No Grenade for them unless it’s for their friends!

What I like is that they don’t mind a fight here and there and for their Guidettes even if they look somewhere else they love and respect… love it Anyway just enjoy the pics and the video!

Jersey Shore crew you are my heroes!

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In august we start with…

The North Face Purple Label



My mind

Pinel for Laguiole

Pacquio x MINDstyle x Disney Tee


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Beautiful piece by Mr Cartoon! I was boyakaaaa when I saw it!

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Nike Air Max 90 Infrared!

I found this video of the Nike Air Max  90 Infrared on the web and asked myself why so many people love the kicks! I just received mine and they worth the looking!

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Cars, friends, discovery and girls…

Well for the last of course I can’t show you as here you know that you can’t take picture so much of people but! I don’t know if it’s the heat or if it’s me but it was hot! Anyway!

Lunch with V. Cassels… good fish by the way! I would recommend this restaurant!


Welcome to the world of the bier without alcohol and strawberry flavor… not even disgusting…

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Horiyoshi III

Most of my ink is inspired by his work! Horiyoshi III is a fantastic tattoo artist! I would love to be inked by him…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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