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Koln, Cologne city tour

So as I said I was in a business trip lately threw Germany (Frankfurt, Cologne, Baden Baden, Duisbourg) and Czech Republic (Prague). To be honest it was a really nice one even if I didn’t really have time to go sight seeing but I had a lot of fun! Like I said you need to build relation so party is work… no?

Anyhow I will come back on my trip but one of the city I had time to enjoy as a tourist was Koln (or Cologne?) so you will find know the picture that I took in the city! I liked it a lot because you find there a right amount of good architecture, nice history, well furnished shops and street or other arts… have a look…

The (Short) general view of the city

The fooding “kind of”

The streetart was really nice and it’s part of why Koln is so modern! Nice pieces all over

And the shopping options were really good!

Next short stop will be Baden Baden and Prague

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This is just for the opening of the 1st Nike Sportwear shop in Paris… only 200 athletes and 5 sports (Basket Ball, Football, Running and Biking)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Maybe one of the most interesting place in UAE currently?

“The shelter is an innovation campus that allows ideas to exist in a creative environment. This environment is infused with added value experiences such as language and design classes, regional major events such as the Art Dubai VIP lounge and will exist to create an experience in order to attract and identify innovation.”

They have a shop with good product it seems and organise sale on supremebeing brand on Saturday… so I might pass by… not to buy anything but to have a look at the place…


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Where to buy in France the AF1 Busy P!


Well it’s tomorrow and today or yesterday or I don’t give a damn because I won’t cop it anyway (I’m in UAE dude) but…

Tthe Busy P for Livestrong (I put the link for the end user of this foundation not for L.Armstrong) Nike Air Force 1 pictured above will be found it the Coolcats (aka Busy P initiative) in a “non for ever store” in this street (Look at the Youtube yes):

It’s so cool! Well it’s the street but France is not like that don’t worry… just sometime 😉

It’s just funny because it’s in my preferred area in Paris but it’s in some place a bit rohff too 🙂

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weekend… Dubai… Pool…Mall… charlotte

So first I do have to say that I wake up very early… well when the sun start rising at 6:00am! But with the Burj looking at me so okayy…


But it was nice because lil Carlota was in da house!


From the Vince flat you can see how Dubai look like at then end of June… who said hot and dusty? Who said that!


But still good enough to relax a bit a the pool… rooftop pool of course…


Then because they finally understand that we get lost in their megahypaparking they put this machine! Of course I parked  at the Fashion parking (Imagine if I went to the food court it would be less Hyfresh!)


But Dubai mall is a very Hyfresh mall I tell you! I will go back and do a full report on it one day…


Imagine at the “Kinda” Apple Store they had my blog on display! Huge! I’m becoming a rock star isn’t it? What I did it myself… pfff


We had Taco Bell for dinner but didn’t have time to take picture of it because we eat everything before! Was good!


On the way we found a PQ outlet! Very nice even if Chicken and Garlic my scratch! (French only can understand ndlr)


Then I wanted to chill with the homies but was in Arabic, there was no Bob Marley and I quit smoking so…


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BBC and Ice cream fall winter preview…

Ok Fall and winter are far away and let say here in the region it doesn’t make much sense as it’s more of a not so hot season but thanks to nitrolicious we have a sneak preview on the new collection of BBC and Ice Cream!

Every season there is some items that I hate and some that I can really see me on so for this one here is my pick! And you know what maybe they will have them at Harvey Nich’s in Dubai?

All of them here!

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Some cool summer items…

Here is a couple of Tee and shirts from 10deep and Crooks and Castles that I wouldn’t mind copin!

Don’t you? Check them out at Motivation! You can even order from there and deliver here… trust me they are cool!

10 deep non stop short sleeve button down10deep-stay-seen-white-fullC+C-cs-rope-grid-khaki-fullC+C-cs-rope-grid-white-fullC+C-park-front-black-full

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