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I think for the last few month I started with some few products that I like so let’s carry on before I tell you more about my holidays… Ohh this time I add some pics that I found interesting too…

Eid Mubbarak!



Crooks n Castles

Clot vs undefeated


Bones Brigade


Yayaporndigger from VP

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Kicks again…

Ok the time is boring so outside of kicks and different product there is not much to talk about… but I just received my 2 last pick up and I’m the happiest guy in my flat! The AF1 Brooklyn are SICK!!!! SICK!!!!

All in it is SICK!!!!!!

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Dunk Dubai…

Few month ago my friend called me to tell me that one of his friend was at Atlantis Dubai for a full Nike team meeting.. the link with this post?

During the seminar a regional team won a Dunk to commemorate this event! You can see lasered on it the Atlantis Hotel, Palm Jumeirah and other things about Dubai. That’s quite cool even if a bit heavy for me… anyhow just for the 😉

threw Dunkbar

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Toys expo, bedsheet and kicks…

My back pain is slowly too slowly going out so no sports… my holidays are coming ouffff… Week at work was sh**t… Dubai is boring…etc

But I still love what I love… Anyhow…

Toys expo

Cool beds sheets

Can’t get sneakers

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Air Force One vs product placement

Some needs a good looking… ok really good looking… ok “glad to marry” you good looking girl to sell their sneakers (asics vs cultureshoq)

Some don’t need any presentation as people do documentaries about them! I love my Air Force One!

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Skateboard influence…

Just sharing the new P-Rod 4 that goes back to a very simple style that I really like and the lookbook from Xlarge. Both bringback to me my skateboard time not that I was a pro, far from that, but it was the beginning of something! Now something like 20 years after it still makes me vibrate! Skateboard is the king of extreme sport (with surfing).

The new P-Rod:

And XLarge new products:

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Harlem love the street league pro

First a small show round of Harlem followed by the (really good looking) try out of the Street League Pro!

Have a look at both!

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