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Always a good joke!

This Iphone 4 case is one of those “Always willing to make an easy dollar” attitude from luxury brand. Honestly I don’t know what they were thinking but this is a plastic case! I don’t know how much it sells for but were is the craftsmanship on this? Where is the luxury? The Plastic is made of something special?

Look coming from any streetwear or fashion wannabe brand why not but from a luxurious house like Fendi? Not sure…

What do you think?

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Iphone 4? Maybe…

The song is not about that and I’m sure that everybody here will have all the info already about the phone so just a freaking good sound and a nice video! About the Iphone I just saw a video on Engadget that really made me think… a white one hummm

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Could be nice…

I don’t know if it work well or if it’s just advertising but honestly I would love to see that in Dubai! If we could surf all the time here I think I would never leave the country!

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The new Iphone HD

Well if I was the person who has lost it in a bar I would feel bad! Have a look at this pics because you all iphone maniac it will be yours soon!

To see what is inside go to gizmodo!

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For my blackberry?

What do you think about this one? I think I’m soon gonna order it! If you want to see more for all your laptops and phone just go to gelaskins they have some nice… skins

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Ipad by Apple

Sorry to all Apple fan that read me but… this asshole is quite true!

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Etisalat bring Fiber optic to your home!

Etisalat FTTH

I’m so happy soon the network in UAE will be faster than in France! We will compete with Japan and Korea with our beautiful fiber optic network! I just got the upgrade today and as you can see above it is lovely!

Imagine downloading at 100mps and uploading at the same speed! So beautiful!

Ok let’s face it know! When a connexion at 16mps cost 549AED per month (Approx 150$) it means that the 100mps will cost 3431AED? Guys I just want to let you know that there is no point in investing in such a network if nobody can afford it!

Do you think I would spend 549AED for the net even if it was unlimited speed? In France you got 20mps for 150AED and the TV and free phone calls! Stop playing with us we are not making the money by ourself!

So it’s nice I just inherited of a Ferrari with a Lada engine!

In the meantime the French parliament has just voted the law against download of files called HADOPI2! France is now a real fascist country!

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So as you can see on the pic above I own 3 bluetooth headset (earplug?) well whatever the name is!

The one on top is my old one (Motorola). I didn’t want to let it die but unfortunately after 2 or 3 years of good life together the thing that keep your hear close to the speaker start being loose so couldn’t use it any more. I bought it back then for maybe 150AED and honestly it worth the money I spend.

Following the challenge I decided to invest in a new one! Because I didn’t want to buy a fancy one (No money in fact) I decided to go to Carrefour and buy a basic one! I took this Samsung on the left (about 2 or 3 month ago)!

To be honest the Samsung cost me about 79 or 99AED so I said I will not expect much more than working correctly! However it was a bad idea! My LCD screen is a Samsung, I had a phone from Samsung and was happy of all but this! It keep on loosing the connection with my phone (HTC Diamond ndlr) when the previous one didn’t and it was too annoying (Imagine my client listening to me shouting that this crap didn’t work without me hearing them!)

Do you think I would take the time to go to Carrefour to exchange it and get another challenging product? No I preferred to buy another one and this time for 59AED (The Motorola one at the bottom) for the same economical reasons or maybe because a fancy one is not fancy for me anyway!

You know what? It works perfectly! Sound is good and it fit well in my ears! So the Samsung will be used maybe for  Skype only…

Samsung sorry you do nice product but this one sucks! Motorola I will buy your bluetooth product in the future because I’m happy!


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ipod nano 5th generation


I think I will take one! Yeah it’s cool to be able to shoot some mini movies when doing all the thing that you do with your ipod!

Imagine your jogging and this cute lady pass by… hop you become a Movie Maker (So glamour)! Hop there is someone starting dancing in the street and in fact it’s Whitney Houston (high again), hop you take a movie!  Imagine you meet me! Hop we can chat in front of your Ipod and all your (girl)friends will become crazy!

Well I just love the radio FM tuner, the movie stuff, the pedometer  and the fact that you can listen to music with it! I forgot there is a DJ kind of system included… not the shuffle! It really mix the thing!

By the way Apple you don’t want me to test one live here? Contact me I send you my address!

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I like camera… and the Panasonic Lumix GF1


I still don’t know if a DSLR would be a good solution for a guy like me who just point and shoot so… Maybe this Pana Lumix GF1 would be the choice!

Panasonic new Lumix GF1. The 12.1MP Micro Four Thirds camera features a interchangeable lens system, features support for legacy Four Thirds lenses and Leica M/R lenses via an optional adapter. One feature  is the optional, hotshoe mounted electronic viewfinder which provides 100% coverage and can be tilted vertically from 0 to 90 degrees. Other features include 720p video recording, 3” LCD, and a built-in dust reduction system”

Thanks Acquire for the hint!

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Party like a Rockstar! new GTA

The ballad of Gay Tony… such a name for GTA! Well the trailer is cool… very cool… so why not!

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Sony PS3 Slim!


Well it (The PS3 Slim) should be out soon so this time I might buy it!

I love the fact that it will cost 1200 or 1300AED (even if it is more than the 300$ in the US) and that I will be able to play UFC Undisputed!

Most probably my Christmas or maybe Ramadan gift!


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Meyerhoffer surfboard?


Well it’s different… it’s a different Surfboard shape… different…

By Meyerhoffer

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HADOPI sucks!

Ok downloading copyrighted product is bad but the HADOPI law in France might be the most facist law I’ve seen for ages in the world!

Imagine that if you get caught downloading a file without permission you can get:

– Your internet supply on hold for quite a while and you will still have to pay for it (up to 1 year!)

– It might also cut your telephone line and TV (In France it’s Tripleplay so is the provider able to split everything?)

– It allow third party to spy your data transfer (Otherwise how they would know that you are downloading something?)

– A big fine but big big!

-Possibility to get a pursuit from the right holder (Double sentence)

-Necessity by your supplier to provide all necessary information to the state

– Responsibility in case someone hack your wifi network

– etc…

Well I mean you might end up paying 6 month of your salary for a file or 2 downloaded? Guys there is crime every minute that are left on the side and downloading are just bad for the majors so what’s wrong with you?

On top of that about 70% of the French are against that law which means that the government is against their people which is FACISM!

Might end up like in this video (Sorry in French but???)

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Exploit yourself by Rinsch for Nike


Just do it!

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