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Always a good joke!

This Iphone 4 case is one of those “Always willing to make an easy dollar” attitude from luxury brand. Honestly I don’t know what they were thinking but this is a plastic case! I don’t know how much it sells for but were is the craftsmanship on this? Where is the luxury? The Plastic is made of something special?

Look coming from any streetwear or fashion wannabe brand why not but from a luxurious house like Fendi? Not sure…

What do you think?

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Iphone 4? Maybe…

The song is not about that and I’m sure that everybody here will have all the info already about the phone so just a freaking good sound and a nice video! About the Iphone I just saw a video on Engadget that really made me think… a white one hummm

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Could be nice…

I don’t know if it work well or if it’s just advertising but honestly I would love to see that in Dubai! If we could surf all the time here I think I would never leave the country!

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The new Iphone HD

Well if I was the person who has lost it in a bar I would feel bad! Have a look at this pics because you all iphone maniac it will be yours soon!

To see what is inside go to gizmodo!

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For my blackberry?

What do you think about this one? I think I’m soon gonna order it! If you want to see more for all your laptops and phone just go to gelaskins they have some nice… skins

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Ipad by Apple

Sorry to all Apple fan that read me but… this asshole is quite true!

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Etisalat bring Fiber optic to your home!

Etisalat FTTH

I’m so happy soon the network in UAE will be faster than in France! We will compete with Japan and Korea with our beautiful fiber optic network! I just got the upgrade today and as you can see above it is lovely!

Imagine downloading at 100mps and uploading at the same speed! So beautiful!

Ok let’s face it know! When a connexion at 16mps cost 549AED per month (Approx 150$) it means that the 100mps will cost 3431AED? Guys I just want to let you know that there is no point in investing in such a network if nobody can afford it!

Do you think I would spend 549AED for the net even if it was unlimited speed? In France you got 20mps for 150AED and the TV and free phone calls! Stop playing with us we are not making the money by ourself!

So it’s nice I just inherited of a Ferrari with a Lada engine!

In the meantime the French parliament has just voted the law against download of files called HADOPI2! France is now a real fascist country!

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