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Exploit yourself by Rinsch for Nike


Just do it!

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Apple conference… and?


So I can say that I’m not an Apple fan even if my computer career probably started with the Apple 2 and the Mac. But right now outside of my Ipod nano and so itunes I have no apple branded product!

So why am I talking of Apple you would ask? Well I don’t know!

Because they launch a Iphone with a camera? I have one on my HTC!

Because they data speed up to 7.2mps? Well if I don’t have the same I don’t care it’s too expensive in UAE the contract for 3g (but don’t worry I have it on my HTC)

Because I will be able to send mms from my Iphone? Well I can do it already with mine!

Ok I stop here as you understand that I’m not a fan but if you are just look at engadget they tell you everything 😉

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New gaming experience…

I think that I will soon buy a Xbox if this come true! Look at the video and tell me that the gaming experience with this new tool is not amazing!

Also look at this presentation.. it’s a bit scary to me for whatever reasons but amazing too in term of potential!

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Nice Casio G Shock


Nice!!! I take the blue one for my surfing session (When????)… more on Casio G-Shock japan or Hypebeast


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facebook app for Windows 6 mobile

There we go! Finally an application for Facebook on Windows Mobile 6!

Download it at the following Microsoft link!

I haven’t tested yet but will see… by the way the emiratesinstyle group is on Facebook!


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Beautiful under waves…

HD super slow motion video of big wave surfer Dylan Longbottom in a 12 foot monster barrel – the first shots of their kind ever recorded (As per Youtube describtion).

Part of a documentary on BBC named South Pacific it is beautiful!

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forget the previous post, Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3!

Forget the Samsung that I introduce you to a couple of days ago and look at this one! Damnit’s a killer!

First I use Panasonic so i know it’s good (I think… ok) and secondly look at the design! It’s a killer! Technically? It’s a killer! 10,1Mega and wide screen… whatever just run to buy it in September at the closest Sharaf or Carrefour!

By the way thanks to Journal du Geek hein!

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