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The tour… stage 2…

La Rochelle, Royan and l”Ile de Re! Google it if you don’t know where it is…

Bonus pic: I didn’t find it in Paris… it was on holidays in l’Ile de Re!

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Emirates in Style on tour… stage 1

So as I told you I’m just back from my holidays! No big stories about it so I will just put 5 pics per stage!

1st one Paris!

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Shanghai… Luxury goods everywhere…

As it was my first time in China I was quite surprised of the amount of luxury shop and goods in the city… but don’t worry the next series will be more tasteful!

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Shanghai shopping…

So as you know I am kinda of a product freaka so the first thing I did in Shanghai was to try to find cool place to treat myself! I haven’t find all the ones that were given to me but here is some interesting info about where to go in Shanghai if you are into Streetwear…

It all started in the Xin Tian Di area with Evisu! Nice shop with all their lines, the new one specially!

On the right of the shop their is a shopping center where you also have a small sneaker boutique and two more trendy shop (Comme des Garcons…) that worth a visit.

Then I moved to People Square and that is where you can find the NSW corner in the biggest department store of Shanghai and the Nike Shanghai main shop! For info there is a lot of shop under the Nike umbrella in the city… at least 3 big ones and 3 NSW corner so don’t be afraid of not finding your QS there.

NSW corner at The World Mall:

Nike Shanghai:

After I moved to Juice which is the most beautiful shop of Shanghai in my opinion! Product and decor is just as expected sensational (and Expensive)! You can find there the best of the Japanese brands, Sneakers and Clot the owner brand. They didn’t let me take picture but go for it! Just an advice it’s a bit difficult to find…

Then in the same area but on Chang Le road you have Fly Streetwear with a nice selection of Nike SB, Adidas, HUF etc… felt like there was some fake but no they just have some slow moving items…

Then further down the road you find NPC and this one is with Juice one not to miss! Lots of Michael Lau collab and product, some local brands, good products (Cap, Bike, Watch, Bags…) and all the Nike that you want makes it a very good place!

And finally when you go across the road of NPC you can find a small passage that brings you to a sort of market full of little shop that sell  new, 2nd hand and a lot of fake from Nike, Neighborhood, Clot, Visvim, Supreme etc…

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Guys I’m sorry there is no update but I’m in Shanghai and I didn’t/don’t have time to blog!

The city is amazing and I’m taking a lot of pics when I can! Trust me you will see some shops and a lot of other things when I return! So keep in touch… I return on the 20th… and before that you can follow me on twitter!

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The desert trip with no comments…

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One more to keep you waiting…

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Desert preview

The weekend was beautiful! The following pic is the only challenge encountered! The rest was pure pleasure and fun! A great time in the UAE desert… wait until I select the pics!

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Koln, Cologne city tour

So as I said I was in a business trip lately threw Germany (Frankfurt, Cologne, Baden Baden, Duisbourg) and Czech Republic (Prague). To be honest it was a really nice one even if I didn’t really have time to go sight seeing but I had a lot of fun! Like I said you need to build relation so party is work… no?

Anyhow I will come back on my trip but one of the city I had time to enjoy as a tourist was Koln (or Cologne?) so you will find know the picture that I took in the city! I liked it a lot because you find there a right amount of good architecture, nice history, well furnished shops and street or other arts… have a look…

The (Short) general view of the city

The fooding “kind of”

The streetart was really nice and it’s part of why Koln is so modern! Nice pieces all over

And the shopping options were really good!

Next short stop will be Baden Baden and Prague

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Frankfurt, Cologne, Baden Baden and Prague in a week

This is my schedule so will see what I will have time to post for you!

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cannes… and paris… by an eye…

Waiting room

Restaurant room

Impossible love

RER by RATP Paris

Shop from a rockin chair


In a Parisian pub… afternoon break

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My room in Cannes

So I’m currently staying at The Majestic Barriere which is one of the Palace of Cannes.

The hotel is really nice with this old European luxurious atmosphere. I love it! The rooms are not up to Dubai standard as there is no coffee machine, are small and no sleepers seen but still quite nice.

What I really like about it? The cosyness and the tired feeling (The hotel is going threw a slow motion refurbishment it seems) as it gives historical feeling to the place.

There is also picture of famous movie star that stayed here along the years at the Festival so that is quite cool!

Let the pictures talk for me…

The hotel from outside

My room…

The bonsai…

The corridor…

The Stars… on the wall

My lunch… outside on the 6th of December in France that is nice…

And guess what? Dubai is all around again! Very Quicksilver logo isn’t it?

More about Cannes to come…


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Maestro visit Nike headquarter so just watch

Ok I can’t remember if I ever put a post on Levi Maestro video blog but honestly with the visit of the Nike headquarter I have to! just so cool!

I would love to have a football field, a race track, a fitness center, a wall for climbing to use when work stress me… just have a look by yourself!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Trip in France…

After leaving the country where Pakistani sleep below Dior ads I welcome the green surrounding from my TGV window and found that my little brother is becoming a sneaker addict!

It’s cool! Well the wedding was very nice and tomorrow I’m back to Paris for a bit of shopping, a 4CYDS party and Delasoul in concert for a private Tommie Smith Puma party (Thanks to!

Will keep you posted!

Here’s the pics that translate my feelings in visual:

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