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Rolling with Emirates Ju Jitsu Centre Dubai

As I can’t roll for the moment I discover my video camera and play with it! Beginning of the week we had a special training where our friend Pablo got his Brown belt! Congratulation!

Here is a quick view of this special training…First brown belt of the club!

Remember to visit ejjcd.com for more info and to come rolling with us!

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Wakeboarding days are back!

It’s been a while (if I don’t count the week before last) that I haven’t been on the water! This Friday was a pretty good one!

Everybody was there!

People were happy!

The city is still under construction

People were going fishing too!

It was flying all over us (Behind the boat too!)

We easily found the “Gay boat” of the day

The “P*ssy” of the day was the guy on the left not what you are looking at!

Rudaman was hungover…

But it finished with a Fish & Chips so the day was perfect!


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The public at the Abu Dhabi World Pro

Well 2 weeks ago it was the Abu Dhabi pro! Didn’t have time to select to picture as I was busy training and working but here is the first series that I would call “The Public”.

It was a great event and the  players as much as the public really enjoyed the competition!

Yes you are seeing right! On the picture above is highness was watching the fights from the mat!

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Aloft Abu Dhabi is a nice place

Aloft Abu Dhabi!

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UFC 112 – Deception

UFC 112 Invicible was supposed to be one of the greatest card ever in the UFC history and turns out quite a deception! When the Pre Fight were great, when the BJ vs Edgar was a tactical fight so a bit boring the 2 other main event were not a show!

Gracie vs Hughes? Ok Renzo didn’t have the gas to beat Matt but it was not a fight like you could expect it!

Anderson Silva vs Damian Maia? Well thank you Damian to have tried to fight! Anderson I think you should give your check to the kids in Brasil who needs it because you didn’t deserved to be paid yesterday!

But overall it was a fantastic experience and the pics after are just here to tell you that!

Dana just don’t forget you own us something!

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Sex and The City 2… in abu Dhabi?

2 times in this trailer they talk about Abu Dhabi and honestly? That is far from being Abu Dhabi! It’s like showing New York like Souffelweyersheim!

Guys if I was you I would be ashamed of the crappy movie that you have done! Go back to Kansas (Nothing again Kansas)!


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UFC 112 Abu Dhabi is this Saturday!

I’ll be there, I’ll tweet from there and I will have a really good time! Can’t wait for UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi!

And the day after? The Nog’s seminar! Perfect weekend!

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