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Always a good joke!

This Iphone 4 case is one of those “Always willing to make an easy dollar” attitude from luxury brand. Honestly I don’t know what they were thinking but this is a plastic case! I don’t know how much it sells for but were is the craftsmanship on this? Where is the luxury? The Plastic is made of something special?

Look coming from any streetwear or fashion wannabe brand why not but from a luxurious house like Fendi? Not sure…

What do you think?

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Blackberry banned in UAE

Well as it seems that Blackberry will be gone in October in UAE I think it’s now time for me to go and see the Apple!


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So true!

I like the advice of Steve Jobs! Hope they cut the crap and get nice product only (Quality!!!!)!

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The new Iphone HD

Well if I was the person who has lost it in a bar I would feel bad! Have a look at this pics because you all iphone maniac it will be yours soon!

To see what is inside go to gizmodo!

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Ipad by Apple

Sorry to all Apple fan that read me but… this asshole is quite true!

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ipod nano 5th generation


I think I will take one! Yeah it’s cool to be able to shoot some mini movies when doing all the thing that you do with your ipod!

Imagine your jogging and this cute lady pass by… hop you become a Movie Maker (So glamour)! Hop there is someone starting dancing in the street and in fact it’s Whitney Houston (high again), hop you take a movie!  Imagine you meet me! Hop we can chat in front of your Ipod and all your (girl)friends will become crazy!

Well I just love the radio FM tuner, the movie stuff, the pedometer  and the fact that you can listen to music with it! I forgot there is a DJ kind of system included… not the shuffle! It really mix the thing!

By the way Apple you don’t want me to test one live here? Contact me I send you my address!

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Mac? Should I start?

Tell me should I start using a Mac? Well when I see the picture below from the University of Missouri – Journalism class I ask myself!

journal du geek from 9to5 mac


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