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A beautiful residence…


Well it’s in Kuala Lumpur and it’s exactly what I’m looking for! Maybe just a bit big but ok… Look at The Cool Hunter post it explains more than me!

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Helix hotel Abu Dhabi…

I’m not gonna go into detail as you can find them on the Dezeen website but the Helix hotel is just awesome in term of design and it’s planned in Abu Dhabi baby!

It will be in Zayed Bay district but as usual nobody kows when and if the final building will end up the way it was supposed to be. However I really like the design.

Helix HotelHelix SuiteHelix AtriumHelix hotel by night

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UBIQ Philadelphia, nice shop!

Ubiq Philadelphia… Missed how beautiful it was when seeing it on Freshness but now that LimitedHype post it with the link of the architect i’m BOW!

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Fully rotating tower… Made in Dubai!

Well this tower is fully rotating… I know it’s in the title!

So as I’m not a very good writer I will copy what Complex wrote! It will make more sense to you:

“It’s official: Dubai is the greatest city on earth. Not only do they have artificial islands shaped like palm trees and a ski resort in the middle of the desert, but they’re now building the most mind-blowing apartment building ever imagined. Designed by Italian architect David Fisher, the 80-story Dynamic Skyscraper gives residents the ability to completely change their view. With the use of a simple voice command, the apartment’s entire floor can rotate 360 degrees. While most skyscrapers are constantly battling the effects of wind, the Dynamic building uses the wind’s rotation to generate power for the entire building. As if that wasn’t enough, residents can park cars inside their apartment using a special elevator. With plans for a smaller version in Moscow, work on the Dubai skyscraper is expected to be completed in 2010. Apartment prices range from $3.7 million to $36 million, so get your bid in now. Watch a video of the moving building below.”

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