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weekend… Dubai… Pool…Mall… charlotte

So first I do have to say that I wake up very early… well when the sun start rising at 6:00am! But with the Burj looking at me so okayy…


But it was nice because lil Carlota was in da house!


From the Vince flat you can see how Dubai look like at then end of June… who said hot and dusty? Who said that!


But still good enough to relax a bit a the pool… rooftop pool of course…


Then because they finally understand that we get lost in their megahypaparking they put this machine! Of course I parked  at the Fashion parking (Imagine if I went to the food court it would be less Hyfresh!)


But Dubai mall is a very Hyfresh mall I tell you! I will go back and do a full report on it one day…


Imagine at the “Kinda” Apple Store they had my blog on display! Huge! I’m becoming a rock star isn’t it? What I did it myself… pfff


We had Taco Bell for dinner but didn’t have time to take picture of it because we eat everything before! Was good!


On the way we found a PQ outlet! Very nice even if Chicken and Garlic my scratch! (French only can understand ndlr)


Then I wanted to chill with the homies but was in Arabic, there was no Bob Marley and I quit smoking so…


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