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Meyerhoffer surfboard?


Well it’s different… it’s a different Surfboard shape… different…

By Meyerhoffer

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The return of the Citroen 2CV

The 2CV is the most extreme car ever done by Citroen! Extreme because you can arrive full speed in a turn and the car will stay on its wheels! Go to Al Ain and drive in the desert and you will cross by 4×4 stocked and you will be flying on the sand! I would love to have a modern one with the same specs!

Now Designer David Portela is reinterpreting the classic model. It keeps the same kind of design with a next century feeling… Very modern! I like it!


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Cool seating… Sport chair

Nice isn’t it? It’s the spider model rebuild for sports enthousiast! I wouldn’t 1 or 5 in my leaving room!

You can find them at VIP Seating and the info is from tendancehightech.com

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Bmw Gina… it’s Genial!

No need to talk… watch the video! It’s BMW!

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