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New acquisition by the Dubai Royal…

Well this is probably one of my last post here so if I upset the royal family I’m sorry but all comes from Luxist not me…

Here is the new acquisition it seems of the Dubai Royal Family with their hard earn cash! A little penthouse in Monaco for only 308 Millions Dollars…

Here is the location:

The dining room

The library

The master bedroom

What I prefer is the Terrace…

But now I have a question! How on earth this is a good investment? For the same amount you have a nice hotel that should give you a good return! How is this penthouse will? You gonna rent it?

Anyhow I’m just a small French guy on his way home who after 5 years hasn’t understood the logic!

If I’m around Monaco I’ll pass by to discuss… promise…

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Dunk Dubai…

Few month ago my friend called me to tell me that one of his friend was at Atlantis Dubai for a full Nike team meeting.. the link with this post?

During the seminar a regional team won a Dunk to commemorate this event! You can see lasered on it the Atlantis Hotel, Palm Jumeirah and other things about Dubai. That’s quite cool even if a bit heavy for me… anyhow just for the 😉

threw Dunkbar

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Foreign Beggars… exported from Dubai!

I don’t know much things outside of Emirates Airlines and pictures of the Burj Al Arab that was exported from Dubai. When I read and listen the post of my buddy Yaya from the VP where the Foreign Beggars where mentioned I look into it. What I discover is that they formed in Dubai! Whouahou!

I’m not gonna tell you all the story as you can find it in the national article by clicking here but well… I like the crazy sound so I support… BIG TIME!!!!

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The Boys Got Beat

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Rolling with Emirates Ju Jitsu Centre Dubai

As I can’t roll for the moment I discover my video camera and play with it! Beginning of the week we had a special training where our friend Pablo got his Brown belt! Congratulation!

Here is a quick view of this special training…First brown belt of the club!

Remember to visit ejjcd.com for more info and to come rolling with us!

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20something… TV Show with hope

Something interesting… most of the event I haven’t heard about… some I just missed… anyway it is something so it’s good! Nice show… for Dubai

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Brunch and Beach

Sweet friday in Dubai… Brunch, Beach and Party but the last part is not documented…

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