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Art from outside… also known as Street Art

This is a bit of education in a way so just look at it from beginning to the end and tell me what you think!

You don’t talk much guys!

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Exit Through The Gift Shop – A Banksy Film

Looks like it’s gonna be a nice one! When Borat meet Graffiti?Is it what Banksy tried to do?

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Koln, Cologne city tour

So as I said I was in a business trip lately threw Germany (Frankfurt, Cologne, Baden Baden, Duisbourg) and Czech Republic (Prague). To be honest it was a really nice one even if I didn’t really have time to go sight seeing but I had a lot of fun! Like I said you need to build relation so party is work… no?

Anyhow I will come back on my trip but one of the city I had time to enjoy as a tourist was Koln (or Cologne?) so you will find know the picture that I took in the city! I liked it a lot because you find there a right amount of good architecture, nice history, well furnished shops and street or other arts… have a look…

The (Short) general view of the city

The fooding “kind of”

The streetart was really nice and it’s part of why Koln is so modern! Nice pieces all over

And the shopping options were really good!

Next short stop will be Baden Baden and Prague

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The day I met Stash! Biggest event of 2009

Back in March 2009 I went to the exhibition at Cuadro Art Gallery of Stash, Futura and Phil Frost. It was for me maybe the biggest moment of 2009.

It was because it was the day Dubai and the UAE opened their door to 3 of the greatest artist of our century and to an art quite still “Illegal”. The exhibition was huge, covering multiple room and all the art was mainly made specially for the exhibition. The opening also had quite the nice feeling of a street discussion more than a hype get together so it was good!

But the best part was the discussion we had with Stash! He is awesome and just himself… could be your best buddy! He played with the daughter of my best friends and we talked about Air Force One, family, Graf and fun!

“Hey Dude you are wearing Bobbito’s?”

Here is his art:

And here is the meeting with the man! HUGE!

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Nike Air Force One with Perforated leather by Futura

Ok honestly at the beginning I really didn’t like this pair but since I’ve seen that it was perforated leather at the back I kinda fall in love… Crazy isn’t it?

Well the details make the difference… let see how is the distribution! (and the other pairs…)


Highsnobiety from Footlocker

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Jour J… A Graffiti experience in the suburb of Paris


My friends the Vinylpushers went to “Le Jour J” a European Graffiti Festival! The cast was amazing with name like Mode2 or Bando and some of the production were a blast (Specially the one that I put!)

If you want to see more and get more info just visit Clem and Yaya blog here!

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On the way…



Tell me that you are just on holidays and that you will be back! Might be 2 month since this 550i is parked there!


It is damn hot outside… in the tunnel it’s hell!


But the kids still run after the foot… ball


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