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Etisalat bring Fiber optic to your home!

Etisalat FTTH

I’m so happy soon the network in UAE will be faster than in France! We will compete with Japan and Korea with our beautiful fiber optic network! I just got the upgrade today and as you can see above it is lovely!

Imagine downloading at 100mps and uploading at the same speed! So beautiful!

Ok let’s face it know! When a connexion at 16mps cost 549AED per month (Approx 150$) it means that the 100mps will cost 3431AED? Guys I just want to let you know that there is no point in investing in such a network if nobody can afford it!

Do you think I would spend 549AED for the net even if it was unlimited speed? In France you got 20mps for 150AED and the TV and free phone calls! Stop playing with us we are not making the money by ourself!

So it’s nice I just inherited of a Ferrari with a Lada engine!

In the meantime the French parliament has just voted the law against download of files called HADOPI2! France is now a real fascist country!

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HADOPI sucks!

Ok downloading copyrighted product is bad but the HADOPI law in France might be the most facist law I’ve seen for ages in the world!

Imagine that if you get caught downloading a file without permission you can get:

– Your internet supply on hold for quite a while and you will still have to pay for it (up to 1 year!)

– It might also cut your telephone line and TV (In France it’s Tripleplay so is the provider able to split everything?)

– It allow third party to spy your data transfer (Otherwise how they would know that you are downloading something?)

– A big fine but big big!

-Possibility to get a pursuit from the right holder (Double sentence)

-Necessity by your supplier to provide all necessary information to the state

– Responsibility in case someone hack your wifi network

– etc…

Well I mean you might end up paying 6 month of your salary for a file or 2 downloaded? Guys there is crime every minute that are left on the side and downloading are just bad for the majors so what’s wrong with you?

On top of that about 70% of the French are against that law which means that the government is against their people which is FACISM!

Might end up like in this video (Sorry in French but???)

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