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I wanna be a Guido!

I can’t remember the last time I laugh so much! The Guido and Guidette are my new stars! I was intrigued by Jersey Shore so I DL the all uncensored season 1! I watch the 13 episodes in 2 days and just because I felt asleep!

The Guido and Guidettes are my new hero’s! They wear “Designer” shades, Audigier and Ed Hardy tee shirt, Go Gym, Tan, Laudry everyday, listen to Americadance (Not Eurodance they are US based) and for the Guido look at charming as many Guidettes as they can! No Grenade for them unless it’s for their friends!

What I like is that they don’t mind a fight here and there and for their Guidettes even if they look somewhere else they love and respect… love it Anyway just enjoy the pics and the video!

Jersey Shore crew you are my heroes!

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Merry Christmas!!!

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Kanye and Amber… wtf?


Sorry guys but it seems that things goes wrong on our planet! Look at this picture.. I just couldn’t stop laughing!

Sorry I feel it’s ridiculous! Kanye goes to the gym too much (Remember Timabaland become Bibendum?) and Amber please stay in your swimwear as you look like… a big snake… so funny…¬† you make me laugh!

And god knows that before his last album I was a big supporter of Kanye!

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